and ruin my perfect future

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Jun 29, 2012 / 3 notes

Awkwardest moment ever… thanks, google chrome!

Sitting next to a cute guy, googling fox news for an activity- chrome gets stuck after typing in ‘fo’ and the two available options are some random tumblr and a formspring entitled bitches and mlut. He just looked at me really really really weirdly. There goes my perfect future that I mentally planned out in thirty seconds before I completely ruined it!

He was totally judging me. PH, this is all your fault! Gah. Sadness. And I have to awkwardly spend most of tomorrow sitting next to him. BUT HE’S JUST SO CUTE!!! 

So, moral of the story: if your laptop is über slow and getting stuck in google chrome, FIX IT. You never know when some hottie will be staring at your screen at inopportune moments.